What is Androme CMS?

Andromede CMS a CodeIgniter CMS

Andromede CMS offers a plethora of native functionalities out of the box, drawing from an experience of over 300 web projects, combining weaknesses and strengths to produce a CMS that meets the demands of the current market. 

Compared to most other CMS platforms where each free or paid extension leads to a loss of speed and opens the door to security issues, or focuses on needs outside of Europe, here you pay for your extensions installed by third-party companies that won't meet your requests. This observation is real!

The CMS offers essential features such as SQL and file backup, fragmented or complete caching, a page builder, multilingual support, advanced search, custom posts, pages, articles, tags, categories, media, image editor, newsletter form, contact form, anti-spam protection, lazy loading, file editing, user management, permission management, banning, WEBP images, automatic source code optimization, Stripe Elements, Discord, Pexel, ChatGPT+...

For your information, the CMS is backed up, each page can have 51 rotating backups, 300 backups in local storage, so lose your work? Never!

Andromede is designed to use the latest PHP 8.3.6 technologies paired with Twig 3.9.3 and Hotwired. We transform our SSR web application into SPA without repercussions on SEO. I designed this CMS to meet the expectations of Google PageSpeed and Insight 2024 with scores of 100% on mobile!

As a bonus, Andromede CMS loads in less than 100ms without caches, and the source code of a page is minified, rawmified, and, to conclude, purified to free up the DOM!

I draw inspiration from the strengths of the CMS market to bring my own solution MADE IN FRANCE. And no, PHP is not dead, it powers 76% of the web by late 2023!

Andromede CMS is an extremely fast and environmentally friendly CMS, proudly MADE IN FRANCE. It respects the privacy of your data by using MATOMO internally, self-hosted on our servers. Everything runs on environmentally conscious servers thanks to our sustainable partnership with 4FOREST and CaptainAdmin SAS located in Nice.

With every sale made and processed with Andromede CMS, €10 is donated to UNICEF to support disadvantaged children around the world.

The CMS is designed in Haute-Savoie in Sallanches by Florian Prache, developer at Altitude Dev Web Agency, where he devotes 60% of his free time. The advantage of my CMS is that it is developed by a single person, and no third parties touch it. Thus, updates come one after the other like lightning!

Andromede CMS utilizes highly reputed and widely used technologies: PHP 8.3.7, Twig 3.10, Bootstrap 5 (lightMode), HotWired, Stimulus, and Turbo, with JavaScript in the front end.

The back-office, front-office, modules, and themes are completely dissociated. Thus, you can create beautiful functionalities separately without causing a complete crash of your site. The CMS also features 3 debugging tools in the development environment: the official CI debugger, Kint, and Twig!

The CMS is built on the core of the PHP Framework CodeIgniter 4.5, of which we are contributors. The golden rule is never to touch the core of the Framework, allowing us to be constantly up to date. In December 2023, CodeIgniter 4 became the fastest PHP framework on the market!

For example, WordPress uses internal code dating back over 10 years, significantly reducing your site's performance. For instance, the maximum number of PHP 8.3.6 requests of WP is 169 req/s, while CodeIgniter 4 offers 1684 req/s! (source Kinsta)

Andromede offers you advanced security. According to, our CMS receives an A+ rating. We use CSRF tokens, Firebase JWT, Google 2FA, IP Session, AntiSpam, AntiFlood, AutoBan, ForceBrute, automatic email sending, email alerts, remote logout, forced logout, content restrictions, honeypots, IP similarity checks...

Your SEO ally, natural and technical, was my main criterion during the development of this CMS: speed, compliance with Google Insight 2024 standards by focusing on 100% mobile, and above all, a perfect technical structure. The CMS ranks at the top on its own in most of the targeted niches, as is the case for 4 companies using it to date!

Getting visitors, prospects without even worrying about your site, is not a dream; most of our clients achieve it through their visibility.

The CMS features OpenGraph, Json, Meta, Twitter Card, AMP, automated Sitemaps, Rss, Rest Api...   

For example, Altitude Dev agency receives an average of 10 quotes per month through natural SEO and has taken the lead in 40 municipalities. Another example: the Derelicts website (official Steam game) has boosted its visits by over 30,000 visitors and obtained significant financial support through the site, thus allowing the game's development while being paid. Coming soon, the INFINITY AREA website, with over 1 million annual views, will double its visibility thanks to the CMS by 2024!

In addition to all this, the CMS has a tool linked to the French Government's database allowing for the automatic creation of pages based on department codes and population numbers. It had to be thought of!

And that's not all, the CMS also uses paid CHATGPT+ internally as a chat assistant in the Admin panel. The CMS also guides you in the steps to follow for natural SEO (titles, meta, opengraph, enriched...).

The CMS is designed to accommodate users with a minimum of technical knowledge in HTML/CSS. It allows you to create your own modules, themes, but also to modify your main twig template files, just like Shopify, WordPress, or Squarespace!

In 2024, I plan to design a system similar to what ACF currently offers on WordPress for managing and creating unique elements. To date, our CMS uses a Live Builder with dynamic blocks thanks to Stimulus from HotWire, celebrated authors of TurboHotWire.

I also plan to implement an online booking system for cottages, restaurants, healthcare professionals, hairdressers, ski rentals, and much more...

To reassure, it is also suitable for novices for tasks such as creating simple pages, articles, or other elements without the need for CODE.

Andromede CMS is a proprietary and paid CMS, therefore not Open Source. It represents over 2 years of constant work to provide our clients with more free functionalities daily. Updates, backups, and support are completely free for the first year, except for additional development requests.

Using WordPress as an example, you install X plugins, most of which are filled with bugs and security vulnerabilities. Only a few stand out, but the main problem is that they are maintained by X international developers/agencies and are paid or freemium, often accompanied by ads that slow down your site, crash it, or open the door to hackers. With ANDROMEDE CMS, everything is included. Updates are done through Private Gitlab, and your CMS is automatically or manually backed up. So you can dismiss these backup and security issues!

The funding and continuity of the CMS rely on sales to clients in demand in France. Coming soon, in 2024, a complete e-commerce system will be introduced, and the NOKOSHOP store will be under this CMS for crash testing!

Making it public would expose the source code and thus make it vulnerable to hackers. Nevertheless, I am continually looking to expand my team to offer even more functionalities!