Made in france from sallanches

Andromede CMS,
a CMS CodeIgniter 4

Andromede CMS

Made in France

A proprietary and private French content management system, powerful, powered by CodeIgniter 4 and PHP 8, Twig 3.10. It offers exceptional performance and advanced automated natural SEO, allowing you to rank at the top of Google in just a few hours with green indicators on Pagespeed.

It supports multiple languages and ensures a high level of security. Say goodbye to loading times thanks to the coupling with Hotwired Turbo and Stimulus.

Andromede CMS

The power of CodeIgniter 4
coupled with Hotwired x Twig

Andromede CMS
Andromede CMS

Continuous development and

Andromede CMS has been continuously developed for over 2 years by Florian Prache, a web developer from the freelance agency ALTITUDE DEV. To date, it powers 12 French companies and has accumulated over 500,000 views...

The CMS offers more than 300 page backups, as well as integrated SEO tools, page editors, taxonomies, articles, payment modules, integration with Matomo, and a media manager supporting the .webp format.